Deaf Visitors & Immigrants for Self Advocacy

Game Night Sponsor


Deaf VISA hosts Game Night every other month. Our expenses include food / drink, games / game supplies, paper goods, decorations, and a $10 gift card prize. Occasionally, we may need to pay for facility rental, but this is not factored into the sponsorship rate. We have budgeted $110 per Game Night.

Game Night falls under two important areas of our mission: connecting communities and promoting communication. It also promotes diversity and inclusion by bringing diverse members of the signing community together to enjoy a night of positive interaction where all can have fun and benefit.

DHH visitors, immigrants, and refugees benefit by meeting new people in a welcoming environment. This expands their support network. In addition, they gain sustained practice using ASL.

American ASL users benefit by experiencing the value of diversity and inclusion, understanding new perspectives, and enhancing their own communication.

Interpreting students benefit by being exposed to diverse conumers and gain much needed mentoring in interpreting, particularly in interpreting from ASL to English.

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