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Deaf VISA, Inc.

Deaf Visitors and Immigrants for Self-Advocacy

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Fri. Feb 14, 2020 Deaf VISA Silent Supper Fundraiser at Modern Market

6181 Old Dobbin Ln Suite 200

Columbia MD

Time: 5-8pm

Sat. March 14, 2020


Sat. April 11, 2020


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Deaf VISA rejects policy of separating parents from their children


Deaf Visitors and Immigrants for Self Advocacy (Deaf VISA, Inc.) strongly condemns the Trump administration policies of separating children from families at the border, of incarcerating families seeking asylum, and of declaring children ineligible for reunification, especially after deporting their parents. These policies, in addition to being wrong on ethical, religious, and basic human grounds, are also illogical and strategically weak. We fail to see how the government’s deliberate and systematic targeting of children and families improves American safety. Poor planning and constant policy revision has been equally ineffective in resolving immigration issues. Effective policies need not ask the American people to suspend their sense of humanity or to look the other way as the government systematically and permanently traumatizes children. In the past 2 years, America has been embarrassed and weakened by this administration’s repeated and failed attempts at immigration policy. These policies can be simultaneously humane, just, and effective. Deaf VISA is taking a public stand for the rights and safety of all. End immigration policies that cause suffering and trauma. That"s enough!

Deaf VISA Responds to Executive Orders

Response to Border Wall and Sanctuary Cities


Deaf Visitors and Immigrants for Self Advocacy (Deaf VISA) is deeply concerned about the detrimental effect recent executive orders will have on immigrants, their friends, families, and communities. We are also distressed that new policies appear to single out some classes of immigrants in ways that malign specific ethnic groups. We condemn any efforts to amplify fear and division, and remain worried about ramifications of shutting our border to neighboring immigrants who seek refuge in our country. We stand by our philosophy of eradicating stereotypes that lead to discrimination and loss of human dignity.

Response to EO on Immigration and Refugee Resettlement. ASL:

Citizens of the United States are increasingly concerned with security in the face of terrorism. However, the need for security should not cause us to lose sight of values that are the foundation of America's identity--values of freedom, tolerance, and the presumption of innocence. By restricting travel or asylum of populations that are overwhelmingly Muslim, America risks losing its core identity and the credibility to espouse democratic values. These policies also undermine its own security by increasing grievances in rejecting the tired, the poor, the huddled masses who face oppression and certain death. Under such policies, America opens itself to demonization, a move that extremists could use as a recruiting tool. Blanket policies that assume the guilt of entire populations feed into the very fears and stereotypes that divide us all and make the world less safe.Deaf VISA has pledged to confront injustice, intolerance, and attitudes that lead to discrimination in all its forms. It is our belief that the recent executive order on immigration feeds into such attitudes in ways that areself-defeating and decidedly unAmerican.